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Boat Bimini Top Hardware

With the onset of summer, it is time to get your boat in the water. Boat bimini tops are becoming increasingly popular. They can provide shade or shelter over the cockpit of your boat, giving you even more enjoyment. Many boat manufacturers make different bimini top hardware for replacements for your aging parts or to install a new top.

Slide Track Bimini Top Hardware

Numerous manufacturers make slide track assemblies for your cover. This provides an easy way to slide the top to and from its storage location, or simply move it out of the way. Cabela's makes a kit with two 36" lengths of track, stainless steel mounting screws. You can either mount the slides from the side of the boat for vertical mounting, or on the deck for horizontal mounting. The kit starts at $39.99

Westland also makes slide track bimini top hardware. The kit includes three 36" aluminum tracks that can be cut to a desired length to fit your boat and current cover. It comes with a deck mount and stainless steel screws to prevent rust. Prices start at $34.99 for the kit.

Rail Mount Bimini Top Hardware

One of the first items to look at is how you would like to mount your cover. If you choose to mount the cover on the side rails of your boat, you will need a rail mounting assembly. Most new covers come with the mounting brackets. However, if you need to replace your aging hardware, Cabela's makes brackets that are available in stainless steel or black nylon depending on your preference. Both resist rust and weathering and begin at $5.99 a set for the nylon and $12.99 for one stainless steel bracket.

Deck Mount Bimini Top Hardware

You can also mount your bimini top to the deck of your boat. If your initial cover does not come with the deck mounting assembly, Cabela's makes the hardware. The mounts are either black nylon or stainless steel and both are rust resistant. The nylon mountings start at $4.99 for a set of two, and the stainless steel mountings start at $10.99 for one.

Bimini Top Straps

Not only will you need the mounting hardware, but you will also need some additional bimini top hardware as well. Tie down straps are important to keep your top in place while the boat is moving or in storage. SeaDog makes an 8' polyweb strap in white and black. The snap hook is stainless steel and rust resistant, and the tightener slide is nylon. Prices start at around $6.69 for a pair. Attwood Corporation also makes tie down straps that start at $17.41 for a pair.

Now that boating season is in full force, it is a good time to look at your current bimini top hardware to see if it needs replacing. Many manufacturers make products that are necessary to use your top, like mounting screws and tie down straps. There are also products that are "nice to haves" like bimini top covers. Regardless of whether you are replacing your worn equipment or needing hardware for your new cover, there are many options for you.

Bimini Top Hardware